Four Unique Looks To Add To New Fascia And Soffit On Your Home

If you are planning on doing renovations to the exterior of your home, siding can drastically change the appearance. There are also many features you can add to your home with siding and cornice. This can include trim and details in the soffit installation. Here are some ideas to give your home a unique look when you have new soffit and fascia installed on your home:

1. Using Different Materials For The Soffit On Eaves

There are many different materials that you can use for the soffit on the eaves of your home. You may want to consider using a different material here than you do on siding. Since it is an area that is somewhat sheltered from the elements, you may want to consider using wood materials for the soffit.

2. Adding Crown Moldings To Trim Plain Edges Of Soffit

Trim can be another great addition to the cornice on your home. You can add different types of crown moldings to give your home more details. These can be wider than the materials you use in your home but have the same styles. This can be a good way to add a touch of artisan crafts to your home. It can also be a good way to hide imperfections if there have been repairs done for renovations or remodeling.

3. Giving Fascia A Different Look With Custom Woodwork

There are also many different types of fascia to use on your siding. This can be simple materials with straight edges. It can also be fascia that has more woodworking details. This can include things like exposed rafter tails and other woodworking details. The fascia also have different styles and patterns in it and include trim details.

4. Adding Details With Friezes To Siding And Cornice

You may want to add more details to the cornice with wide frieze boards. This can be done under crown molding at your home. You can also add these details to separate different styles of siding on your home. You may also want to consider doing this around windows to give them a little more detail.  The frieze boards can even be made from plastic composites for a more durable finish.

You can use some of these ideas to give your home a unique look with new siding and cornice. If you need help with renovations to the exterior of your home, contact a siding contractor like Ryan Roofing and talk with them about using some of these ideas.