Why Roof Shingle Color Is Not Important In The North

If you have an old roof that is need of a replacement, then you need to think about what your new roof is going to look like. There are many options available to you, and you may hear a lot of opinions of the color you should choose. However, if you live in a northern part of the country, then color may not be so much of an issue. Keep reading to learn why.

Solar Gain May Be Minimal

If your temperatures are considered moderate or mild in the spring and summer, then solar gain may not be a huge issue for you. In fact, you may want a roof that is warmer so that snow and ice melt off your roof without causing an overabundance of weight on the structure. In this case, a dark roof is a good option. While people living in the summer states may opt for cool roofs that are a light gray or even a white color, a dark red or black is a good northern color.

If you do opt for a dark roof, just make sure that the shingles come with a thick layer of granules. The small ceramic stones can help to reflect sunlight when the snow melts and they are revealed. This can reduce some of your solar hear gain issues during the summer months.

Insulation And Venting Are The Real Issues

Another reason why you do not need to pay a lot of attention when it comes to color is the fact that the shingle color is probably the least important thing you need to worry about when it comes to living in the north. This means that you can choose the color you think is desirable so you can worry about some other things instead.

One thing you need to be concerned about is whether or not there is good ventilation in the attic space. This will keep the decking from becoming wet when the roof builds with snow and it starts to melt. Wet decking can cause swelling and shifting of the deck. While the deck is supposed to move a bit and spaces are built in between the sections of the decking, too much movement can cause shingles to wrinkle and crack. Good ventilation with the help of soffit vents can prevent this issue. 

Also, some problems can occur with ice melting and the freezing around and underneath shingles if hot air from an attic space comes into direct contact with the roof deck. A solid layer of insulation can help to prevent this problem, so make sure insulation is inspected or replaced at the same time as the roof. 

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