Let Your New Roof Cool Your Home

Home comfort system account for nearly half of all energy usage in a home. For a homeowner, this statistic translates into high cooling cost throughout the summer. If it just so happens to be time to update your roof – you're in luck. There are several advanced roofing designs that can work to cool your home from the outside. The result is a new roof that keeps your home cooler, lessens your energy burden and saves you money.   


Consider installing slate tiles. This addition gives the luxury of a cooler home, while also improving curb appeal. Slate keeps homes cooler because it has built-in reflective qualities that lesson the amount of heat that enters your home. The less heat inside, the cooler the home and less you must rely on your cooling system. Slate is very heavy so ensure your home can accommodate this weight of the tile first.

Radiant Barriers

In terms of simplicity, you can compare radiant barriers to a paint application. This material is applied in the same manner as regular exterior paint, but is designed to be more of a sealant in terms of protection. As its name suggest, the sealant works as a barrier that keep heat out, which in turn keeps the home cooler. The application is installed on the underside of the roof or in the attic, not on top of the actual roof and last for a long time.

Living Roofs

A living roof, often referred to as a green roof, is an environmentally-friendly roofing option. Living roofs include the installation of a waterproof membrane layer that is used to plant vegetation that works has a shield that can naturally limit heat transfer. It's important to note that this style of roof looks better and is easier to maintain with a flatter roof. Roofs with too much dimension don't always work out as well.


When the average person thinks of metal they don't exactly think cool. However, block out your experience with that metal slide on a hot summer day as roofing metal will perform differently. Metal roofing is specially coated to function as a superior reflector, blocking the sun's UV rays from your home, instead of letting them pass through. Not only does metal roofing keep your home cooler, it also has a very low maintenance threshold, giving you a great roof with minimal effort on your part.

Choosing one of these advanced roofing options allows you to cool your home from outside, in, and limit your dependence on your cooling system. This isn't just good for your wallet, but also the environment. A roofing contractor (such as Queston Construction Inc) can help you choose the right materials for your home.