Understanding Some Of The Perceived Drawbacks Of Choosing A Metal Roof

If you need a new roof on your home, then you may decide to investigate materials to figure out which option is best. While asphalt is typically the most popular, metal roofing has been coming in at a close second for the last few decades. Steel roofs do have some perceived drawbacks that leave people wondering if they truly want a metal roof. Keep reading to learn about some of these issues and why they may not really be a concern.

Metal Roof Weight

People often shy away from metal roofs due to the weight they add to the roofing structure. However, you should know that the steel material is far from the heaviest one you can choose for your roof. Specifically, the steel roofing material weighs about one pound or less per square foot. Asphalt shingles typically weigh at least three times more than this. When it comes to heavy slate shingles, they often weigh about ten times that of steel. 

When you take a closer look, steel is actually a lightweight material. Weight issues come into play when the steel materials are secured over an existing asphalt shingle roof. This is common and it can add some weight to your roof in the same way that an extra shingle layer can if your roofer does not invest in a tear off first. 

If you are concerned about weight, then speak with your roofing professional about removing the shingles before the steel roof. This is especially important if you already have two layers of shingles on the roof. 

Denting Issues

If you are used to owning a home fitted with asphalt shingles, then you probably do not think much about the debris and hail that comes into contact with the roof. If you have a steel roof though, then your roof can acquire dents. While this is a drawback, you should not be able to dent your roof under normal circumstances, just like you do not dent the steel that makes up the shell of your vehicle. 

While hail can cause some denting concerns, the type of hail that would dent a steel roof would also cause excessive shingle damage. When it comes to shingles, this type of damage means that a repair is necessary. If your roof becomes dented, you only have an aesthetic concern to worry about.

While it is true that you probably do not need to attend to a dented roof, you should try to avoid marring the metal. Do not walk on the roof yourself and always ask a professional to do so for you. Also, make sure to trim tree branches away from the roof that may hit it. For more information, check out companies like BCI Metal Roofing.