Patching A Foam Roof To Block Water From Getting In Your Home

If you have a foam rooftop on top of your house, you most likely enjoy the benefit in reduced heating and air conditioning costs it provides since it is comprised of a layer of insulating material. If your home's ceiling has a spot where water is making its way inside, it is likely there is a crack in the foam on the other side. Foam roof repair will be necessary to keep the crack from escalating in size, keeping damage from occurring to your home's interior, as well as keeping energy costs down. Here are some tips you can use when fixing a crack in a foam roof.

Clean The Roof To Reveal Any Additional Flaws

It is best to do a thorough cleaning of your rooftop before you undertake the task in sealing the crack present. This will allow you to do an evaluation of the foam, exposing any additional cracks that need repair work as a result. This will save you time and materials. Use a non-abrasive sponge and a foam cleaner to rub down the roof by hand. It is best to avoid the use of a pressure washer as this could damage foam from harsh water pressure levels.

Use Caulk To Seal The Crack 

After the roof is cleaned and dried, the crack will need to be sealed to keep moisture on the exterior of your home. Foam roofing caulk comes in a tube and is easy to apply. Simply place the caulk tube in a caulk gun so the contents can be squeezed directly into the void. Be sure to push the nozzle far enough into the crack before applying the caulk so it provides a tight barrier to keep water out. Adhere caulk to each side of the crack and use gloved fingers to push the edges together. Continue applying pressure for several seconds so the caulk has a chance to start the adhering process.

Find Out What Type Of Foam Was Used

It is important to cover a sealed crack with another layer of foam. If you select the wrong type of foam to complete this step, it will not adhere as well as desired. Find out from your roofing company what type of foam was applied at the time of installation. If you purchased your home with the foam rooftop in place, this information will most likely be listed in your home's real estate information. A roofing contractor or a home good supply store will be able to provide you with the foam needed to do the job.