How To Choose Between A Roof Inspection Or Roof Survey

Do you need a roof inspection or a roof survey? Most people are unsure of what the differences between these two things are, and so they waste time pursing an inspection when they need a survey or lining up a survey when they really need an inspection. The main difference is who completes each of these items. A roof inspection is generally completed by a property inspector, and a survey is completed by a contractor. The inspection documentation is used in legal transactions, while the survey is used to plan repairs and replacement. Not quite sure what you need? Read the following examples to get a better idea of where your situation falls. 

You Are Selling or Leasing Your Building 

Before you can sell or lease your building, you will likely need a certificate of inspection that will include a roof inspection. This ensures the new owner that the building is safe for use and protects your sale from being dissolved if a problem in the roof is discovered after the sale. 

Your Roof Is Leaking 

If your roof is leaking, there is damage, and your roof will need to be repaired or replaced. You will need a contractor to complete a survey and make an estimate for the best repair options. Even if you plan to sell your building, you will need a full survey so the new owner knows the extent and potential cost of the repairs before they agree to buy the building. 

Years Have Passed Since You Purchased Your Building 

Every few years, you will want to have a qualified roofing contractor come out to your building and complete a survey of the roof. Even if you are not having any visible symptoms of problems with your roof, a survey can find problems before they create significant structural damage. The survey should include an infrared assessment of the insulation as well as a full visual survey of the roof. If the contractor finds potential problems, they should include explanations of the issues when recommending a repair plan. 

Your Building Is Getting New Insurance 

If you are renewing your insurance or switching to a new insurance plan, you will most likely need an inspection of your roof, not a survey. If the inspector finds issues with your roof, you will need a contractor to complete a survey and make repairs and then have a second inspection to certify that the repairs were completed to the standard your insurance company requires. 

There Was a Natural Disaster In Your Area

In this case, you may need both an inspection and a survey, one or the other, or neither. If you have significant roof damage, you can usually skip right to a survey and have it sent to your insurance company. If you have minimal damage, you may need an inspection before your insurance company will pay for a full survey. If you have no visible damage, you may want to have a survey completed to look for hidden damage. If repairs are made, you will likely need an inspection to certify the repairs and make your insurance claim. 

Knowing whether you need an inspection or survey will save you time and help you contact the people you need to contact on the first try. However, if you are unsure of what you need, you should feel free to call a roofing contractor and ask what service they can provide for your particular situation. They will be able to guide you through the process of commercial roof inspections and surveys to make sure your roof is safe and legal at all times.