Professional Gutter Service: What's Involved In A Full Upgrade?

Professional gutter services include a multitude of services from which you, the homeowner, can select. As you head into fall and begin to dread the gutter cleaning task ahead of you, consider a full upgrade package of gutter services. Here is what is involved with this particular kind of package offered by some professional gutter service companies.

Complete Clean-out

The technician makes an appointment to come to your home to clean out the gutters entirely. All the leaves and other debris are cleared away. Then the technician uses a power washer to flush the gutters and clean the roof. This not only removes all of the leaves, twigs and dead bugs, but it also removes a lot of organic sediment that has been dropped there over the warmer months. Cleaning the roof helps remove lichen, more leaves that would otherwise tumble into the gutters, and dirt that is heading toward the gutters as well.

Installing Gutter Screens and Covers

Next, the technician(s) will install gutter screens or gutter covers, your choice. Either of these roofing accessories prevents the gutters from being clogged up again with leaves and twigs. Rainwater, melted snow, and melted ice can still get through, but everything else slips over the tops of the covers or screens.

The screens are cheaper, but you may still have to flush the gutters for sediment once a year. The covers prevent everything but water from entering the gutters, but they cost more. Still, to never have to climb up and clear out leaves and twigs again makes whatever product you choose worth it.

Reattaching Loose Gutters

As the technician goes along, he or she will check your gutters to make sure they are snug and tight against the edge of your roof. Any loose gutters will be reattached and properly secured before a cover or screen is installed on that section of gutter. This helps prevent gutter fly-aways in any upcoming winter storm.

Checking Downspouts and Fixing Them

Your gutters cannot drain properly if you do not have good downspouts. The technician(s) will check your downspouts last to make sure they are adequate, open, and fully functional. If they are not, the technician will fix them and/or replace them so that your gutters and downspouts are fully functioning as a complete system. (Some gutter service companies will throw in free downspouts if you buy the gutter covers instead of the screens. It is something worth asking about when the company sends someone out to give you a quote.)