Slate Tile Vs. Synthetic Slate Tile Roofs

Slate tile roofs are some of the most beautiful to behold, which makes them desirable among many homeowners. If you've done your research, however, you may also be aware of synthetic slate roof tiles. Which exactly is right for you depends on several factors, so check out these three important features to determine which is right for you.


Slate tiles are expensive. In fact, they are perhaps the most expensive roofing option. Asphalt, which is the least expensive costs about $1.22 per square foot, but authentic slate costs $9 to $40 per square foot. Of course, the more quality the stone, the higher the price. Synthetic slate tiles are cheaper. They cost between $7 and $9 per square foot, making them still a somewhat expensive option.


Slate tile roofs are incredibly durable roofs. You don't even need to provide much maintenance to keep them looking great. Occasionally, you may need to remove debris from the roof, but slate tiles aren't susceptible to rot, decay, or bugs. An authentic slate tile roof can last between 40 and 200 years, which you must consider when also considering the cost. Yes, a slate tile roof is expensive, but you will likely never need to pay to have it replaced, and repairs are few between. A synthetic slate tile roof is also durable, but it only lasts around 50 years. Synthetic slate tiles, however, are less prone to damage when walked on when compared to authentic slate.


The last factor to determine is the weight of the material. Slate is heavy, which isn't always a problem. It just means your roof structure needs to be strong enough to support it. If you have a steep roof, you may already have enough support to hold a heavy roof, but if not, you'll need to spend more money to have your roof strengthened. Synthetic slate tiles are also heavy, but not as much as slate, so you may not need to make any upgrades to your roof to support the tiles. Your roofer will be able to help determine if this is the case.

Slate roofs are beautiful, but they are expensive and heavy. If you have the right home and budget, however, they can be great because you won't ever need to worry about replacing them. On the other hand, synthetic tile is another option for people with a smaller budget. For more information, contact a slate tile roofing contractor in your area today.