Is It True Insurance Companies Won't Insure A Building With A Foam Roof?

Insurance companies generally like when homeowners get new roofs, because it means the risk of them filing claims for roof damage drops significantly. However, some people have reported being declined for coverage after installing a foam roof, leading many to wonder if these roofs don't qualify for coverage. The truth is, most insurance providers will cover foam roofs, but here's why some won't.

Some Companies May Object

It's true that a few insurance companies will decline to cover (or renew coverage) on your home or building if you have a foam roof installed, because they are under the mistaken impression that foam roofs are easily damaged during storms. Specifically, some companies believe foam roofs will dent or crack when subjected to hail, blow away during severe wind, or more easily soak up water than regular shingle roofs. As a result, they think these roofs increase the risk of the building owners submitting claims and choose not to extend coverage.

However, foam roofs are highly durable when installed correctly, able to withstand all of those concerns. Although the foam itself is lightweight, it is covered in an acrylic (or similar) coating that helps hold it in place and strengthens it enough to withstand environmental punches such as hail. In fact, a properly maintained foam roof can last for over 50 years.

It should be noted, though, that foam roofs are susceptible to puncture damage. Sharp things can pierce through the top coating and damage the foam underneath. Still, the odds of this happening are very low, and mainly only occur during severe storms where debris (e.g. tree limbs) is flying around.

You May Qualify for a Discount

Unfortunately, even after pointing out that foam roofs are durable, the insurance company may not want to take the chance and still deny coverage. There's not much you can do at this point except shop around for a new provider. The good news is most insurance companies are happy to have you, and some may even give you a discount on your premiums because of how durable foam roofs are.

When shopping around, be sure to ask companies if they give discounts on roofing and which materials qualify. Depending on the provider, you could shave up to 25 percent off the bill. Since that's money you can use to make other improvements to your home or commercial building, it's worth making the effort to find the right insurer.

For more information about foam roofs or to have one installed, contact a local roofing contractor or a company like Durafoam Roofing LLC .