3 Vital Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Have you recently realized that your roof needs to be replaced, whether partially or entirely? Are you starting to try to figure out how to choose exactly which company you should hire to tackle the project? If you've never had to deal with a roof repair or replacement in the past, choosing the right contractor can feel confusing and overwhelming. Whether you have a dozen potential candidates in your area or just a couple roofers to choose from, here are some questions for you to ask to help you narrow your choices down to just one:

Does your estimate include everything? In order to seem more competitively priced, some roofing contractors only put the absolute basics on the estimate that they give you. For instance, metal flashing is very important to a roof. It consists of a strip of metal that goes under the shingles along the ridges and valleys on your roof in order to prevent water from leaking through. Reuse of flashing material can actually result in leaks as nail holes will be placed differently each time it gets reused. In an effort to save money and produce the lowest bid, it's not uncommon for a roofer to reuse the flashing unless you specifically tell them to replace it.

How long until you can begin? Most roofing contractors will be unable to begin work immediately. The better their reputation is, the more likely it is that you could have to wait weeks for them to start even in the off-season. If you wait until summer to actually make the appointment, don't be surprised if you get told that you'll have to wait a few months. Some contractors will have a few emergency slots still open for quick repairs of leaky roofs, but otherwise don't be surprised if you have to wait a while to get your brand new roof. You should definitely be wary of any contractor who says that they're able to start immediately when everyone else is booked up.

What sort of warranty or guarantee do you offer? Any warranty or guarantee should always be in writing. The best roofing contractors will offer a 12-month warranty or guarantee on their work, but a 6-month warranty or guarantee may also be acceptable. A non-existent warranty or guarantee or one that lasts only 30 days won't protect you in the event that your roof starts to leak or your shingles come loose as a result of a normal storm that rolls in just after the roofing job has been completed.