Slate Is A Great Roofing Material

If you are going to replace your current roofing material, you have a lot to consider. If you have roofing tiles on a pitched roof that you want to replace with a new, stylish product, there are a lot of great options to choose. One of the most popular natural stone options is slate. This article explains why slate is so popular, what it looks like, and what reinforcements might be necessary before you can install it.

Slate is Naturally Shaped Like Roof Tiles

Slate is a natural stone that seem like it was design particularly for roofing. That is, slate can be cut directly from the earth into thin, natural shaped slivers. So it basically comes out of the ground looking like tiles. The great thing about this is that every slate tile is going to be a little different from the other with a natural texture that gives it some style.

Energy Efficiency

Most slate is dark in color, which might be an issue if you live somewhere especially hot and sunny. You might need to shop around and find a lighter color product if you are worried about solar absorption and heat transfer.

Slate is Durable

Slate is also well liked because it is one of most durable natural products on the market. A slate roof can last over 100 years. This is an impressive lifespan for a natural product that doesn't ever need to be sealed or painted. The way that slate will naturally age once it is installed on your roof is also attractive. Since it is waterproof, you don't need to worry if moss starts to grow on it.

Slate is Diverse

The amazing thing about slate roofs is that they can look equally stylish on rustic architecture as they can in modern architecture. Regardless of your existing home style, you can probably find a slate product that will complement it.

Reinforcing Your Roof Deck

The only thing you need to consider if you are going to choose slate is the structural integrity of your existing roof deck. You need to have experts come to your house and determine whether or not your roof deck will need to be reinforced in order to all hold the extra weight of slate. Slate is one of the heaviest roofing materials, so it needs to be installed on the sturdy deck.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to install a slate roof.