All About Home And Water Damage

If you have found a leak in your home, then you want to make sure the home doesn't need anything else done to it along with the obvious leak repair that will need to be done right away. This short guide will offer you tips on knowing what to look for and what can happen if you don't catch certain issues quickly and have them addressed:

Look for damage to the exterior of your home – Damage to the exterior of your home can go on for a long time unnoticed, if you don't make it a point to specifically look for it. Especially if that damage is in a part of the house where you don't tend to frequent. Ignored exterior water damage can cause some other issues including things like foundation issues, problems with the integrity of the windows and doors, water damaged porches and decks, cracking sidewalks and damaged fences.

Interior damage – You want to make absolutely sure you are on top of what's going on in the interior of your home. Water damage can lead to damage of the home itself, as well as damage to your belongings and it can cause mold growth which can be hazardous to the health of those in the household. Look for bubbles under the paint, swelling of window sills or door jams, discoloration of the walls, damp floors, and signs of water under the pipes and around appliances. If you do find signs of water damage in your house, then you want to investigate further and make sure anything near that area has also not been affected by coming into contact with the water.

Roof damage – The roof is one of the more common areas of a home that can be prone to suffering water damage. When you are checking the condition of your roof, you want to make sur e you take a good look at the surface of the roof itself, as well as the fascia, the gutters, the downspouts and all other visible areas. Along with making sure you check out the roof, you also wan tot be sure you keep a close eye on the ceiling in the inside of the home. If you see any changes in color, bubbles, sinking areas or anything else that looks different from the rest of the ceiling, then it may be water damage and it needs to be assessed right away.

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