Why Italian Style Terracotta Is A Good Choice for Your Roof

If there is one home improvement project that you will not regret, it is roof replacement. The replacement of your roofing material gives you the opportunity to dramatically redefine your home exterior. The roof, even more than the walls, is what really defines your home's style. Think about it… a home with an Italian roof is going to be termed "Italian style." But, a home with the same exact walls and a modern metal roof is going to be considered a "modern home." So, when you change your roof, you get a chance to completely change your home style.

If you do want to create an Italian tile roof, you can use terracotta tiles. Terracotta is not only a beautiful roofing material, it is also durable with great insulation and a long lifespan. This article explains why you should consider terracotta as a roofing tile.

Terracotta Is a Light Material

First of all, of all the hard roofing tile materials, terracotta is one of the lightest. It is slightly brittle, which keeps down the weight, but also means that it isn't a great material for a roof that will be walked on. Obviously, most pitched roofs that have terracotta are never walked on, so this isn't an issue.

Shaped Tiles Look Great

Furthermore, terracotta tiles are usually shaped. That is, the Italian tile styles have rounded tops, which creates the dynamic look of vertical rows once the entire roof is completed. When it comes to energy efficiency, terracotta has decent insulation ratings. It definitely isn't the greatest insulator, but it also isn't the worst. In general, it works better in warmer climates, which explains why it became such a popular material in the warm, sunny Italian countryside. Rounded terracotta tiles actually have better insulation than most flat tiles. The shape of the tiles creates a cavity underneath that buffers the roof and deck from the heat hitting the top of the tile. This valuable extra layer of insulation is perfect in hot climates.

Terracotta roofs are extremely desirable, and it is easy to see why they are such a common material for residential roofing. It can look great on any home. Italian style roofs look classy, but they aren't that expensive to create. It is a relatively cheap roofing material that is very adaptable and practical to own.

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