Benefits And Disadvantages Of The Most Common Residential Roof Replacement Options

The most important part of the structure of your home is the roof. The roofing materials are designed to protect your home and your family from the elements. It is important to regularly inspect the roof and all of its components to ensure there are no loose shingles, damaged areas or damaged flashing that may lead to a leak.

If you do notice damages, it is important to contact a local roofing contractor as soon as possible for a residential roof replacement. When choosing a roof replacement for your home, there are several types of materials to choose from. To help make the process easier, it is important to consider your budget, the lifespan of the materials, energy efficiency and the ease in repairing the materials. The most common types of residential roof replacements include:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used type of roof replacement materials. This type of roofing replacement is generally the least expensive option and the easiest to maintain.

  • There are several benefits that come with using asphalt shingle, including a wide range of colors and styles.
  • In many situations, a new shingle roof can be installed directly on top of existing shingles.
  • One of the primary disadvantages of asphalt shingles is that the lifespan is typically shorter when compared to other types of roofing materials.
  • Asphalt shingles can also be easily damaged during heavy winds and strong storms.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the most popular roofing options, especially for those who prefer to use materials that are environmentally friendly. The materials used for metal roofing is usually made from recycled materials and it can be recycled and reused if it is removed. Metal roofing can be designed to resemble a wide variety of other roofing materials, such as slate tiles, shingles or cedar shake.

  • There are several benefits of metal roofing, including being fire-resistant and the ability to keep your home cooler during hot weather.
  • Metal residential roofing has a long life span and can usually be installed over an existing shingle roof.
  • The primary disadvantage of metal roofing is that the installation is more difficult than other types of roofing materials.

Cedar Shake

Cedar shake is a popular choice of residential roofing for those who prefer a unique look for their roof.  There are several benefits to cedar roofs, but one of the best advantages is the natural beauty of a cedar roof.

  • Wood provides an excellent layer of insulation for your attic, so it is extremely energy efficient.
  • Cedar shake ages into a beautiful silver-grayish tone.
  • It generally has a long lifespan
  • Cedar shake is less expensive than some roofing, such as slate, however, it is slightly difficult to maintain.
  • One of the main disadvantages of cedar shake is that routine inspections are necessary to ensure it is free from mold and/or insects.

If you need a roof replacement, it is highly recommended that you consult with professional residential roof replacement services to help you choose the best roofing materials for the style of your home as well as your budget. Keep in mind that some residential roofing options, such as cedar shake or metal may be initially slightly more expensive. However, they are cost-effective options because they have a longer life-span and can help reduce your energy costs by providing additional insulation.

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