Why Use Metal Roofing At A Second Home

Do you own a second home that is infrequently visited, but now it needs a brand new roof installed? If so, you'll be trying to figure out which material is best for your vacation getaway. Here are some reasons for selecting metal over other materials with your roofing contractors.

Metal Is Durable

One benefit of using metal for the home's roof is because it does not rot when exposed to water and moisture, which can easily happen with asphalt or wood roofing materials. Metal provides better protection against mold and mildew, which can eat through roofing material an expose the roof deck.

This is something to think about when replacing a roof for a second home, because you will not be there at all times to catch potential problems when they come up. Since the roof will most likely be frequently exposed to rain, you will want a material that holds up best under this weather condition.

Metal Is Fire Resistant

If your second home is located in a place is known for having wildfires on occasion, you should know that your new metal roofing material will be fire resistant. It will give your home additional protection if one of those stray embers happens to land on your roof when you are not around.

Metal roofing also provides protection from other acts of nature, such as lightning strikes. Metal will actually help limit the damage that is caused since the material won't catch on fire. It's even possible for your home to be hit by lightning with a metal roof and not show any damages.

Metal Is Rust Proof

One misconception about metal roofing is that the material will start to rust due to exposure to the rain. Be aware that metal will be coated with a waterproof sealant at the time of the installation, and you can apply this sealant if it has worn away. This gives your home an additional barrier that protects it from rain or snow while you're away.

Metal Is Affordable

If you are worried about getting a metal roof due to the cost, know that it is very affordable. You'll pay as little as $3 per sq. ft. of professionally installed aluminum shingles that interlocks together. This may be less money than you thought a metal roof actually costs, making metal roofing a practical option to replace the roof on your second home. For a more accurate price, reach out to a local roofing contractor to receive an estimate.