How Do You Know Your Basement Foundation Is In Jeopary?

If you have a basement in your home, then you have a great additional space to use as you wish. But you also have one more area that you need to watch for signs of damages.  Start by gaining knowledge regarding the common types of damages to foundations and how to spot them. Finish by acting fast to have necessary repairs  done quickly. Here is information on basement foundations and advice on dealing with any issues.

How do basement foundations get damaged?

A foundation is strong and seems almost indestructible. You count on it to be the base of your home. This is why it's unsettling to discover that you may have issues. What happens at the bottom of your home affects the entire  home from that point up, causing concerns for its entire integrity.

The foundation is laid on the ground. This means it is sitting on dirt and rocks. If you have ever seen how rain can cause dirt and rocks to be washed away, lowering the surface level of the ground, then you can understand how they can be affected by rain and even leaks. If the water freezes then it is going to expand as well.

Another thing to realize is while water can wash away some of the dirt currently supporting the basement foundation, the dirt under it will shrink after the it dries during the dry seasons. That shrinkage means even more trouble for the foundation.

Can't minor basement foundation repairs wait?

You are going to be in a much better spot all the way around if you are able to figure out you have a problem in the early stages and if you have it taken care of in a fast manner. One thing to understand about a basement foundation with damage is that damage is not going to get better and in fact, it will only get worse.

What are the signs of damage to the basement foundation?

Unfortunately, it may take you awhile to spot problems. But there is also a good chance your home will make it easy for you to see problems once you look. One of the first signs the foundation of the basement might be in trouble is seeing puddles on the floor of the basement by the walls.

Actual issues can include a variety of signs such as small cracks appearing either in the floor or the walls. You may also see that you are getting some spaces that weren't previously there in areas like the door frame and window frames. You might also see or even feel uneven flooring. If these things appear, act fast with getting someone out.

Contact a foundation repair service for more help.