Keeping Your New Roof Installation On Schedule: How To Prepare

Installing a new roof on a house is an extensive process that takes some time to complete. However, even with that being said, certain factors can further prolong the process. While your roofing professional will take as much time as necessary to install your new roof the correct way, you can help speed up the process.

Inspect the Attic Beforehand

Look through your attic at least a couple of weeks before the roofing installation crew is set to arrive. Although the team will do everything in their power to keep debris out of your attic, given the proximity of the space, anything can happen. Don't wait until they arrive to realize that you might need to move your family heirlooms from the space to protect them from dust or falling debris. Inspect the area early and move any objects you are concerned about.  

Make the Yard a No-Go Zone

If you have children or pets, you should make alternative plans while the reroofing project is going on. Roofing professionals care about precision and quality, but they also care about safety. A gust of wind or another issue could send debris from the roof flying towards the ground below. If your pet or child were in the yard, they could easily be injured. Consequently, the team will likely halt their work until the yard below is clear. Locate a nearby park you can take your pets or children to.

Remove Large Vehicles

If you have any large vehicles parked against your house, such as an RV, you should make arrangements to move them offsite or find a way to move the vehicle further away. To keep your property clean, roofers typically install large dumpsters so that they can neatly place all the material debris inside. A large RV might be in the way and prevent the roofers from placing the dumpster as close to your home as needed. As a result, it might take longer for them to remove the debris from the roof, which will extend the length of the project.

Notify the HOA

Speak with the HOA that is over your community before you have the roofing team come on-site. These organizations generally have guidelines that determine what type of roofing materials homeowners can use, but some of these organizations also have guidelines for contractors that come on-site. As a result, you might need to obtain a permit for the roofing company to work on your home beforehand. Depending on how rigid the HOA is with their rules, they could make you halt the project until you go through the proper permitting steps. 

To learn more about how to prepare your home for a new roof, speak with a roofing professional.